Feelmore Presents Fresh Fridays

OAKLAND, Calif.  Feelmore510 will begin showcasing adult content at a local movie house on Jan. 4 with its new event Feelmore Fresh Fridays.

Feelmore Fresh Fridays will present films every 1st Friday. The spectrums of films range from sexual and/or gender identities to erotic, nude, pornographic, and artsy.

After traveling to Berlin Porn Festival, Nenna, Feelmore510’s owner, saw the opportunity to bring even more exhilarating films to the monthly event and support small businesses in Oakland.

“We have to continually support and cultivate this incredible community where locals and visitors alike find additional reasons as to why they ‘hella’ love Oakland," Nenna said. "And, it makes for a great date night."

The doors will open at 11:30 p.m. with show time at midnight.

“I wanted to make certain that films chosen would reflect well on Feelmore510, The New Parkway, and Oakland but keep the audience engaged," Nenna said. "Besides, the movie house is a five-minute walk from Feelmore510 Adult Gallery and would serve as a great pairing.

“There is a common sentiment about how Oakland lacks a sex positive and/or kink culture, well, I commit to doing my best to cultivate an extremely unique and notable experience."

The New Parkway Theater is located at 474 24th St., Oakland, Calif.