Wasteland, SpiceCash Receive 3 XBIZ Award Nominations

BOSTON – BDSM, kink and fetish lifestyle site, Wasteland.com has been nominated by XBIZ for 2012 Progressive Company of the Year and Specialty Site of the Year, and its affiliate site SpiceCash was nominated for 2012 Specialty Affiliate Program of the Year.

Wasteland.com, the premier online destination for BDSM erotica for nearly 20 years, continues to deliver the highest-quality content, push erotic boundaries and maintain an exceptionally tight-knit community within the site.

Owner Colin Rowntree says of Wasteland.com, “After 19 years, Wasteland has always been at the forefront of new developments for online adult entertainment. We’ve come a long way from 1994 when our first sites were coded in Notepad and optimized for Mosaic to display Compuserve GIF images. Since those beginnings, we were pioneers in online credit card processing and fraud prevention, the advent of the affiliate program, early Search Engine Optimization strategies, exploitation of European mobile back to the days of WAP, the introduction of video to supplement photo content (anyone remember Real Audio?), and other milestones we met and developed along the way. In addition to our flagship site’s focus on BDSM and fetish, we had the good sense to see way back in 1999 the potential of “Erotica For Women” as a niche and have successfully dominated that market sector for 12 years with our site, Sssh.com (also XBIZ nominated this year for “Best Specialty Site” award) . It provides great diversification to reach out to other demographic sectors and Sssh has taken the world by storm at this point for polite women that would NEVER look at “regular porn” to find a safe haven to explore their sexuality.“

As for the present, Rowntree and his crew have, over the past year, developed a series of key B2B relationships that go the next step into the future of adult: The first Interactive BDSM Adventure series with award-winning Saboom.com, the launch of the largest virtual 3D BDSM dungeon world within Red Light Center (yes, it has a really big Gothic Castle), an expansion into IPTV beyond what Wasteland pioneered with Roku several years ago, and critical partnerships as a content provider and traffic partner with PinkVisual Mobile, Mikandi, Hustler and other players.

Rowntree adds: “As for the future, we are already in it. Our innovations have lead us to new and profitable relationships with the Studio and Novelty industries, thinking “outside the box” of how our company can enhance public awareness, traffic and mutual sales with such successful companies as CalExotics and Elegant Angel in the coming months. We’ve always worked hard to stay ahead of the curve, lead the way, and it is exhilarating after all these years to continue to be a progressive innovator in our industry.”

As for his XBIZ nominated affiliate program, Wasteland’s SpiceCash has served the BDSM, fetish and women’s erotica via specialty web and mobile channels for nearly 15 years. On this topic, Colin quips, “Right around the time back in 1998 when “click fraud” took out most of the early “pay-for-traffic” companies (and, many of the companies fled to Thailand with the loot), we were lucky enough to be in the core group of webmasters that developed the first affiliate program model. It just made sense to open up the doors to new webmasters with marketing tools that they could drive traffic with and split the revenue with us. While we have always avoided being “glitzy and glamorous” with special deals like “$100 PPS on free trials” and “Free Space Shuttle Rides For Top Affiliates” that almost always ended in disaster for other programs over the years, I’m personally happy that Spicecash is a solid and reliable program that has provided our affiliates with a reliable and honest destination for their traffic, never having been late by even a day for payouts in 14 years, and knowing from personal experience that our program has helped many webmasters buy homes and put their kids through college over the years. Think of Spicecash as more like the “Bailey Savings and Loan” from “It’s a Wonderful Life” to contrast us from the “Bank Of America” soulless model of other programs offering promises of “get rich quick” promotions that often sound “too good to be true."

In closing, speaking on his reaction to getting an unprecedented four XBIZ nominations, Rowntree says: "I am personally honored to receive these nominations this year from XBIZ."

The 2013 XBIZ Awards ceremony will be held Jan. 11 at the Century Plaza in Los Angeles.