Desiree Deluca Launches Contest for Fans

LOS ANGELES  Desiree Deluca will be launching her site,, soon and wants her fans to be part of it.

She’s running a contest where two fans will each get to be in a scene with her. To enter the contest, participans must write an original script that will be used for the storyline of the scene.

Deluca will pick the top 25 most creative scripts and then do a drawing and pick two names randomly.

To enter the contest, email scripts here by Dec. 14.

“I hope you guys are original, bring spice and come up with some crazy off the wall scenes, the crazier the better,” Deluca said. “If you have an outfit in mind that you want me to wear, make sure to mention that in your script. I want to see my fans really bring it.”

Winners must pay for their testing themselves, and all testing will be done through Talent Testing. Filming will be in Los Angeles the first week in January 2013. Winners who don’t live Los Angeles area will be responsible for their own travel/lodging.

Only men over 18 years of age can enter the contest — there will be no girl/girl scenes. Fans who perform in the scene will not get paid.