DatingGold Receives XBIZ Award Nomination

STOCKTON, Calif. Adult dating and affiliate program has been nominated for Adult Dating Company of the Year at the XBIZ awards.

DatingGold won the award in 2009 and in 2012. If the company wins in 2013, it will be the first dating company to win this category title three times.

Kristian, an affiliate of DatingGold since 2005 said that “DatingGold has been like a family, not just a corporation. You find it easy to promote them. You make lots of money. Every two weeks, like clockwork … and every now an again, you’ll find yourself blown away with a new landing page [or] a revolutionary type of promotional tool.”

CEO Allan Henning said, “Everyone at DatingGold takes pride in what they have achieved this year.”

DatingGold has been nominated for the award every year since the category was created in 2007.

“We thank affiliates like Kristian who contributes consistently to our growth," said Alfonsus “AK” Kusuma, vice president of sales and marketing. "I feel that we are in a very good place to win it again. Statistically speaking, we have gotten better in every aspect of the business this year.”