Sesha Brown Joins Lucid Design as Brand Strategist for Adult Brands

Ariana Rodriguez

PORTLAND — Former Spartacus Leathers brand ambassador Sesha Brown has joined Portland-based design firm Lucid as a brand strategist focusing on the pleasure products and lingerie industry.

Brown told XBIZ that in her new role, she strives to create positive working relationships with companies in the adult industry and “drive success at a retail level that far exceeds expectations.”

“There is incredible opportunity to bring style and sophistication to this genre that is clearly ready for it,” she said. “My experience in the industry from the manufacturing side of the business to the retail standpoint is the most valuable tool needed to understand the marketplace and its growth potential. I had great success rebranding Spartacus Enterprises and saw ground-breaking sales increases on the products that were shipped in new packaging. It is clear that the industry is changing, maturing and growing at an expedited rate thanks to a broader social acceptance. Now more than ever good design is important to stand out in a mainstream retail environment, packaging is as important as the product inside. This is a new era for the adult industry and growth potential begins with good design.”

Lucid is a graphic design firm serving clients that range from large corporations to small businesses. Collectively, its team accounts for more than two decades of experience in product development, packaging design, identity, branding as well as professional graphic service.

“We care about each client and what it will take to achieve the most successful solution,” Brown said. “Our goal is to strengthen the image, create packaging that is more attractive as well as cost effective all while increasing sales.

“Our intimate knowledge of modern manufacturing processes enables us to create new and exciting concepts and design programs that can actually be completed — while exceeding goals, removing unnecessary costs and without burdening our clients’ internal resources,” Brown added. “Our highly efficient and forward thinking design team has created and produced extremely high quality products and design programs which have redefined the standards in their industries.”

Sesha Brown can be reached at (503) 241-0539, or via email at For more information, visit