Raging Stallion Sets Release Date for Gay Thriller 'The Woods'

Nelson Ayala

SAN FRANCISCO — Director Tony Dimarco's gay supernatural thriller "The Woods" is now exclusively available for purchase at RagingStallion.com and GayDVD.com.

The big-budget feature has been split into two films and will arrive in stores next year with "The Woods: Part One" streeting Jan. 4 and "The Woods: Part Two" on Feb. 8.

"Tony Dimarco is a master of marrying story and intrigue with his award-winning gay erotica," Raging Stallion President Chris Ward said. "'The Woods' is a testament to that, and I would venture to say it’s Tony’s hottest and best work ever.

"I’m very proud to release 'The Woods' as our major blockbuster, movie event of the year, and I can only imagine that it will score multiple award nominations and wins."

Set in the redwood forests of Northern California, "The Woods" follows park ranger Trenton Ducati as he investigates claims of gay paranormal activity taking place in the backwoods. The film's missing person reports and accounts of mysterious gay encounters can be studied at TheWoodsXXX.com.

"I always liked the idea of doing a film about rangers and campers, but I didn’t want it to be just guys in tents getting off together," Dimarco said. "I wanted the sex to be instinctive, primal, uncontrollable. My goal was to create a catalyst so that everyone was feeling those same uncontrollable urges."

"The Woods" costars Raging Stallion exclusives Zeb Atlas, Jimmy Fanz, Paddy O’Brian, Landon Conrad, D.O., Jesse Santana and Charlie Harding. Rounding out the cast are Cal Skye, Tom Wolfe, Chris Tyler, Alex Graham, Dale Cooper, Parker Wright, Kyle King, Marcus Ruhl and Jessy Ares.