Liberator Implements Vacuum Compression Technology Into Retail Packaging

Ariana Rodriguez

ATLANTA — Liberator has begun shipping its iconic Wedge and Ramp products in new discreet packaging that maintains a luxury aesthetic while making it easier to carry and display.

The new generation of vacuum compressed Liberator also reduces half of its carbon footprint and packaging waste.

“Vacuum packaging soft-foam products like pillows and mattress toppers is an established manufacturing process,” said Louis Friedman, President and CEO of Liberator, Inc. “Vacuum compressing structured high-density foam as used in our Liberator Shapes is truly revolutionary. This new packaging opens up the gateway to mass market as mainstream retailers now have a viable way of merchandising Liberator in their brick and mortar stores.”

Liberator’s new packaging is designed as a carry-out case with no potentially objectionable graphics on display. The flat-pack kits come complete with simple, easy to understand three-step instructions for opening the compression capsule, removing the shape and installing the cover and the unit is ready for immediate use. An illustrated Liberator position guide is also included.

“For the international market, Liberator’s new vacuum compressed packaging is a major milestone in the evolution of our company,” said Michael Kane, executive vice president of Liberator, Inc. “Demand for Liberator products worldwide was always strong but distribution in retail and mass markets was challenging due to the size of the products and the high cost of both inbound sea containers and intracountry freight. We now have the ability to open up these global markets without limitation. In the last two months we’ve more than tripled our international business with container orders headed for Europe and China.”

The company is currently offering its core Liberator products in vacuum compressed packs. The Wedge, Ramp and Wedge/Ramp Combo and Black Label equivalent products are now in production with the balance of the collection, including larger Esse-style furniture pieces, beginning in early 2013.

Point-of-purchase displays will also be available at that time.