ExoClickMobile Releases Mobile-Carrier Targeting Filter

Rhett Pardon

BARCELONA — Adult mobile advertising network ExoClickMobile released today a unique mobile-carrier targeting filter that allows clients to target specific 3G networks.

It is now available to all its clients at no extra cost for the France, Spain, Austria and The Netherlands markets. More countries will be added in the coming weeks.

"We have been looking at mobile carrier targeting for a long time now and have been disappointed by all the solutions we tested." said Benjamin Fonzé, CEO of the company. "Usually, there is a high percentage of false positives and it quickly becomes unreliable. So we have decided to build our own detection algorithm, with a proprietary database that we are updating constantly.

"Thanks to this unique system, we have a detection success rate never seen on the market, close to 100 percent. We are convinced this data is a great asset for the company and clear competitive advantage to other networks that usually depend on third-parties to accomplish this."

ExoClickMobile was launched at the beginning of the year and already is managing 9 billion mobile impressions a month, with mobile banners, pop-unders and redirects.

The company is now offering a complete range of tools to manage mobile campaigns, with mobile-devices detection, special mobile-advertising formats and, now, mobile-carrier detection.

"With ExoClickMobile, we are aiming at becoming the largest adult advertising network for mobile traffic," said Geoffrey Bonnechère, chief business development officer of ExoClick. "Based on the growth that we are seeing, I would say that we are doing things right to reach this goal very soon."