Jacky Joy Calls for Help From Hurricane Sandy

LOS ANGELES Jacky Joy is calling for help from superstorm Sandy devastation.

"If you can take two minutes out of your day to view this video and spread the word about my close friend, Anthony Bove, it would be greatly appreciated," she said.

By sharing the link or donating it will help provide necessary things he and his family need since Sandy flooded his family’s home. If you know of anyone willing to donate, please spread the word to them.

"The winter is getting colder and there are still people in tents and with no heat," she said. "Help from the government is chaotic and food distribution is a nightmare! Though times are tough for all of us, anything you can spare would help a fellow American in trouble eat, keep warm, and rebuild a life. Follow the links and please be generous!"

R&B rapper Thatb0yab is helping spread the word and promoting to help their mutual friend. Thatb0yab is based out of New Jersey and is working and putting the call out to help his friend locally.

Joy said, "If everyone would donate even a dollar, the dollars would add up. Donate more if you have the resources. I'll do my part and as the donations come in I'll do Skype shows, give out autographed DVDs and photographs for every $100 that comes in as an incentive for your generosity."

Donations can be given here.