Brandy Aniston Hosts 2 Parties This Week

VENICE, Calif.  Brandy Aniston is hosting two parties this week.

She will be on hand at the release party for "Breaking Bad XXX," which stars Aniston in the role as Jesse. Sweet Mess Films will be shipping the movie Nov. 15, giving it an official release date of Nov. 26.

The SFW trailer and photo stills can be found at

The party will be Wed., Nov. 14 at the Down and Out Bar in Los Angeles. The other public appearance this week will be at the Rising Star PR Award Season 2012 Kick-Off Party.

She will join much of the company’s roster in anticipation of award season.

Aniston last appearance was for Sweet Mess Films when she played Wednesday in the "Addams Family XXX."

She is also shooting for Danni and Brazzers this week.

The Down and Out Bar is located at 501 S. Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles.

The Rising Star PR Award Season 2012 Kick-Off Party will be held at Colony, 1743 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles this Saturday night, Nov. 17.