CB-X Lands New Distributors in Amsterdam, U.S.

Ariana Rodriguez

LAS VEGAS — The CB-X brand of male chastity devices is now being distributed in Amsterdam by Dusedo.com and in the U.S. by Nalpac.

CB-X returned from a successful eroFame last month where the company inked a deal with Dusedo.com for distribution in Amsterdam. Upon returning home, CB-X's CB-6000 and CB-3000 models were picked up by Nalpac for U.S. distribution.

According to the company, CB-X male chastity devices received much acclaim at the eroFame trade convention in Hannover, Germany, which was held Oct. 3-5.

Dusedo.com is the "one-stop distributor of adult lifestyle products since 1970," offering a wide selection of products for men and fetish niches. With the new distribution deal, the full line of CB-X brand male chastity devices are available in Amsterdam.

"eroFame offered a wonderful experience to connect with new and old colleagues, and for us to increase brand awareness internationally. We're very pleased to have established a distribution deal with a distinguished supplier," CB-X Corporate Director Nikki Yates said. "CB-X falls right in line with the range of products that Dusedo carries and we're sure this will result in a very fruitful partnership."

Upon returning to the United States, CB-X was picked up by Nalpac, a trusted wholesale distribution source for 40 years.

Nalpac is now distributing the bestselling CB-6000 and the CB-3000 models. The CB-6000 Male Chastity Device offers the utmost in comfort and security. It is made of medical grade polycarbonate material and is lightweight, hypoallergenic and durable. The CB-3000 Male Chastity Device is an updated classic style offering the best of comfort and security. The CB-3000 incorporates a classic cage with the ring design of the CB-6000.

"With the worldwide BDSM craze, CB-X is the perfect brand to stock," Yates said. "We're thrilled Nalpac has picked up our bestsellers for U.S. distribution - they are a perfect start to a collection."
CB-X devices of discipline include a cage, locking pins, rings, spacers, a padlock and storage pouch. Each product is packaged with one 4cc deluxe re-closeable travel-size Premium Silicone Lube from System Jo, thanks to a partnership between the lubricant brand and A.L. Enterprises.