Will Jarvis Launches Book Projects

LOS ANGELES Will Jarvis has launched two new book projects.

The first is a science fiction book written by Jarvis and other authors. The twist involves funding it through Kickstarter.

"I wanted to go in a different direction than traditional publishing," Jarvis said. "A friend of mine recently used Kickstarter to fund her book of behind-the-scenes photos from adult movie sets, so Kickstarter seems like a good way to go for my project."

The book, titled "Erin Starfox," is a collection of original short stories that blends words and pictures togethe.

"The universe inhabited by Erin and the other characters is very sensuous and sensual, and I'm sure fans of erotic entertainment will find the stories to their liking."

The Kickstarter.com campaign can be seen here or go to Kickstarter.com and enter Erin Starfox in the search box.

More directly related to porn is Jarvis' other new book "How to Write Porn for Fun and Profit" in which Jarvis shows what elements make a pornographic story work, and reveals the secrets he's used over the years to tell erotic stories in scripts and prose.

Both books are due out in 2013.