SegPay Gets Intimate With Mr. Skin

Rhett Pardon

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — SegPay has announced that it will offer daily celebrity content feeds and new revenue stream opportunities for its clients from Mr. Skin.

With this new partnership, Mr. Skin provides a "simple-to-implement" content stream for SegPay clients with the ability to upsell Mr. Skin memberships via "a slick, one-click" interface.

Mr. Skin offers daily updates, a database of more than 45,000 celebrity bios, movie and TV show reviews and more than 500 hours of nude celebrity videos ranging from cinema's first-ever accidental nudity to today's hottest "nudecomers."

"At the heart of our business, SegPay is an Internet payment processor,but that is only a portion of the value we bring to clients," said Cathy Beardsley, CEO of SegPay. "We have created an ever-growing affiliate community, which helps clients connect the dots and boost revenue."

SegPay's large list of strategic partners helps webmasters provide premium service and new content with a single click and minimal cost. The SegPay Partner Program includes a number of technology, security, payment and marketing partners.

"We have accumulated a lot of content over the past 13 years. I'm happy to open this up to other channels," Jim McBride, CEO of Mr. Skin, said.

For more information on the SegPay Partner Program, click here.