Allure Outlet to Launch New Business Concept

LONDON Allure Outlet announced it is about to launch a new adult business concept in the U.K.

Allure Outlet describes itself as U.K.'s only adult marketplace. 

The company said the site operates in a similar way to Amazon and Ebay. 

The site offers sellers an additional channel to sell sex toys and adult products providing sellers with the ability to set-up or extend an existing business. 

Sellers and store owners can sign up and start selling sex toys, lingerie and clothing alongside other sellers, which results in offering customers competitive pricing and a unique experience, according to the company. 

The site also offers features for customers such as seller and product reviews, wish lists and the unique Sold by Other Sellers pages, which can be seen on the product pages of products which are sold by several sellers.  "The savvy shopper who likes to shop at marketplaces such as Amazon will love Allure Outlets Sold by Other Sellers feature," the company said.

Allure Outlet hopes to change the way people think about buying sex toys.

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