Discovery's 'Sex in America' to Feature Sinclair Institute

Nelson Ayala

HILLSBOROUGH, NC — The Sinclair Institute, a leader in the sexual health industry, announced today that it will be featured on the Discovery Channel's "Sex in America" program, airing at 9 p.m. on Sunday.

The show will present a study — the first of its kind since the 1940s — of the American people's sex lives as conducted by the Discovery Channel and the Kinsey Institute.

Sinclair Institute Director of Production Kathy Brummitt is a featured interview on "Sex in America," and provides a behind-the-scenes look at the making of one of the company's Better Sex videos.

"Through my work at the Sinclair Institute, I'm able to help so many couples enjoy a more intimate and deeply connected relationship. It's very rewarding," Brummitt said.

"Being associated with the Discovery Channel and 'Sex in America' just reaffirms Sinclair’s on-going significant contributions to the evolution of sex positive health and wellness," added Rebecca Cook, director of marketing & new business development for the Sinclair Institute.

"Everyone associated with Sinclair Institute over the past 21 years is proud to be included in a company recognized for helping to make positive changes in the way people view, learn about and enjoy sex. We plan to continue to focus on the whole body approach to sex in 2013, and believe that what’s good for the body is good for sex."