Amber Lynn Hosts 'Erection Election' Against Measure B

Nelson Ayala

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult star Amber Lynn is set to host the Erection Election 2012 event, an anti-Measure B rally to be held from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday at Déjà Vu gentlemen's club in North Hollywood.

"Bill Margold and I are asking performers and everyone involved in the adult industry to come down to our event and make themselves available to the press and voice their opposition to Measure B," Lynn told XBIZ.

"The money needed to fight against the AIDS Healthcare Foundation hasn't been enough and so we are counting on star power to help get our message into people's heads when they go out to vote."

The Erection Election 2012 event aims to remind voters that Measure B is "Con-Dumb" and will provide a public pulpit for performers to express themselves for the last time before the Nov. 6 vote.

"[AHF President] Michael Weinstein has said some outlandish and negative remarks concerning performers to sway public opinion against us," Lynn said. "We want to make sure that voters know the kind of people we are.

"We are business people. We are actors. We are performers. We are writers. We are people who are working people."

The Erection Election 2012 is open to the public and admission is $20. Activities will include prize raffles, a lingerie auction and a condom water-balloon fight among performers.

Déjà Vu is located at 7350 Coldwater Canyon Avenue in North Hollywood. For more information, visit