Angela White to Speak at Pleasure Forum Australia

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Angela White will speak at Pleasure Forum Australia on Nov. 7 as part of the November Gathering entitled "Sex Workers and the Sex Industry."

White, a native of Australia who currently is preparing to launch with new hardcore content on Jan. 1, will be discussing her involvement in porn and answering questions from the public.

"The Pleasure Forum often has sexual educators and sexual pioneers giving keynote addresses or speaking on its panels," White said.

"I participated in a similar forum in May during the Festival of Sex Work which I found to be a really positive experience. A lot of the public had concerns about women being forced or coerced into the industry or needing drugs in order to perform. I felt like I was helping to demystify the industry through answering their questions, so I'm looking forward to doing that again at the Pleasure Forum."

White, the star of Score Group's "Angela White Finally Fucks," has been working in the adult industry for more than nine years. She recently completed her honors thesis in Gender Studies at the University of Melbourne in which she conducted research into the experiences of female performers in the Australian porn industry.

She has also been outspoken about the rights of sex workers through her involvement with the Australian Sex Party. White's panel discussion will be held at Loop Bar, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne CBD, Australia.