Fun Factory Relaunches Smartballs Classics

Ariana Rodriguez

BURBANK, Calif. — Inspired by an 800 percent jump in sales, Fun Factory USA says it will relaunch Smartballs Classics due to popular demand.

According to the company, measures were taken to produce Smartballs faster and in greater quantities allowing Fun Factory USA to now be fully stocked for the holidays, in both Smartballs Classics and Smartballs Teneos.

"Sales have increased steadily over 6 months, and as we enter the holiday season, I marvel at the enduring popularity of the Smartballs Classics and Teneos, considered by partners to be the stocking stuffers of the year: under $30, medically endorsed and made in Germany," Fun Factory USA CEO Fred Walme said.

Smartballs retail for $29.99.

Emilie Rosanvallon, marketing manager at Fun Factory USA added, “Smartballs are featured in advertising ads in Parenting Magazine this season, a publication with over 2 million readers. They also appear in a number of gift guides, including BUST magazine's."