New Van Nuys Location Opens for Adult Producers

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Veteran adult performer and studio owner Sascha Koch told XBIZ he has opened Twisted Crowd Studios, his new shooting location in Van Nuys, for the first time to adult producers.

Previously, Twisted Crowd Studios has only been used for mainstream productions.

"It’s a new location that's been opened since January," Koch said. "There are limited spots available for adult — Sunday, Monday and Wednesday."

Koch, who formerly owned Studio 8033, said the new studio is "a specialty location."

"It’s a whole club. A lot of people want to shoot inside a club or bar environment for a scene and they have to rent a real bar or real club," he said.

In actual bars or clubs, Koch notes that producers are rushed to finish because the club must open for business.

"But we built a bar/club inside a warehouse," he said. "We also host private parties here."

He said that hip-hop artists such as Wiz Khalifa, E40, Juicy J, Berner, Bangladesh have all used the studio this year.

Koch owned well-known porn location Studio 8033 for seven years before selling it earlier this year.