Mariah Milano Films Pilot for New Travel Show in Curacao

LOS ANGELES — Recently retired adult performer Mariah Milano has just wrapped filming the pilot for her new travel and cooking show "Dinner with Mariah" which she said will be airing on a popular cable network in 2013.

"I had such a great time in Curacao and fell in love with the country and the people," Milano said. "I have a lot of new friends on my social networking and I am really proud of the stuff we shot. I think that people are going to have an entirely new view of porn stars when they see it. We aren't all hookers selling our secrets about celebrities like you see recently in the media, but some of us actually are real people doing interesting and cultural things with our lives."

Milano spent 10 days filming on the Dutch Caribbean island.

"I went scuba diving which I swore I would never do. I always thought I would freak out but it was beautiful and so peaceful. I have been snorkeling and free diving a lot but this is an entirely new level," she said. "I also swam with dolphins in an open-water lagoon where they are free to come and go to the open sea as they wish. They weren't in some big swimming pool which I have always been against. It was amazing."

The one-hour episode will air in early 2013, Milano indicated.

"I am just really excited to do something that I can be proud of not having to worry about who sees it," she continued. "Of course there will always be those who cannot see beyond the porn star title but I can't concern myself with those people. They are their own problem and I am focused on my life and those who wish to share some great experiences with me to exotic locations and enjoy wonderful foods from around the world."

To see some personal video footage from her travels and cooking shows, visit Milano's YouTube Channel here.

"I think that when people who have done porn can do something like this it brings all of the people in porn a chance to be seen differently, and maybe not judged so quickly," Milano said. "I certainly am not changing the world but if someone who enjoys my travel and cooking videos decides that maybe we aren't all drug addicts and sexual deviants then that's a good thing right?"

"Dinner with Mariah" is a spinoff of her website

"I had to drop the porn star in the show title for obvious reasons but the site will continue to exist of course and I will continue to shoot new and exciting content for it as well," she said.