Feelmore510 Seeking Guest Sales Associate

OAKLAND, Calif.  Adult store Feelmore510 is looking for a guest sales associate for a few hours.

The company said it is taking the opportunity to work with the community while the community works at Feelmore510.

For the upcoming holiday season (4th quarter), Feelmore510 will partner with non-profits that will appoint a person to be a guest sales associate.

The guest associate will assist their friend and families with their purchases.

For the hours the event is being held, a a percentage of the sales will be donated back to the non-profit organization by Feelmore510.

With holiday party planning starting, this gives the organization an opportunity to determine how the Guest Sales Associate program would make its team’s holiday season enjoyable as well as rewarding.

According to the company, this effort will contribute to the overall growth of a small business.

"It’s a generous idea that seeks to support non-profits large or small," said Nenna, owner of Feelmore510. "Our mantra, 'It’s More than Just Sex' iterates the desire of Feelmore510 to be included in the community and contributing in creative ways,”

Feelmore510 seeks non-profits, large or small, especially those that are doing great and groundbreaking work within their community.

For further information, contact Nenna at (510) 214-3335 or Feelmore510 at (510) 891-0199.