CalExotics Partners With Harvard University for Sex Week

Bob Johnson

CHINO, Calif. — California Exotic Novelties has announced that it has partnered with Harvard University for Sex Week being held Oct. 21-27.

Coordinated by the Sexual Health and Education and Advocacy throughout Harvard (SHEATH), a recognized student-run organization, the event’s programming provides a holistic understanding of sex and sexuality.

There are 12 events schedule for the week including a Basic Sex Ed 101 workshop, a panel discussion about body image and sexuality, a sexual career fair, and a discussion group hosted by Harvard chaplains.

CalExotics will be distributing its  L’Amour Collection Kegel Exercise Balls during the event that are described as a “premium weighted pleasure system.”

“We thank Susan Colvin and California Exotic Novelties for their generous donation. I think the Kegel exercise balls are a fantastic toy to distribute during Sex Week,” Sex Week co-founder Abby Sun said.

CalExotics noted that the Kegel exercise balls are similar to the pleasure balls described in the book “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and their increased awareness has resulted in a dramatic up tick in sales for this type of sexual wellness product.

“Our goal was to provide Harvard with a pleasure product that also provides potential sexual wellness benefits,” explained CalExotics President and CEO Susan Colvin. “As women and couples learn about the very important aspects of sex and sexuality during Harvard Sex Week, we hope the L’Amour Kegel exercise balls provide them with a deeper understanding of how our bodies work. Thank you, Harvard, for inviting us to be a part of your event.”

“We understand the value of educating young people about sexual health,” CalExotics vice president of sales Jackie White said. “Every time we create a new product our goal is to enhance intimacy, relationships, and sexual wellbeing. Similar to Harvard’s SHEATH organization, our online community, Club CalExotics, is focused on educating and informing. We’re thrilled to be a part of Sex Week, it’s a perfect match.”