Playboy Channel Chef Discusses Aphrodisiac Cuisine

Nelson Ayala

LOS ANGELES — Food Trilogy proprietor and new Playboy Channel chef Jeffrey Torin is talking about the health and sexual benefits of aphrodisiac cuisine. 

"Everyone goes by myth and urban legends when it comes to defining what foods are aphrodisiacs, but you actually have to look at what chemicals you have to have an organism," Torin tells

"For example, everyone thinks that cherries are so sexy, but they actually contain prolactin, which actually takes your mind off of sex. It's not even so much as what you should be eating as what you shouldn't."

In addition to cherries, Torin points to corn products as libido killers and recommends raw foods and meat to keep the old fire burning.

"Corn decreases the amount of leptin that your body produces," Torin explains. "It tells you to stop eating and regulates your sex drive. When you have a deficiency of leptin, you gain more weight and lose your sex drive.

"A lot of the aphrodisiacs are raw products like salsas and smoothies. You're eating healthier anyway, which naturally makes you feel more energized."

In addition to sharing food tips, Torin — born and raised in Tarzana, Calif. — also tells the site about some of his Food Trilogy catering clients.

"I've catered to porn sets, and also to some swinger parties too," Torin reveals. "It's the ultimate people watching scenario. They're really eager to try it out. What's funny is that people tend to get overzealous at times, and then they get too full. When you over-eat, you cut off circulation to your organs and to your lower extremities."