Adult Super Center Ordered Closed for 1 Year

Steve Javors
BROOKVILLE, Pa. — After being found to operate secluded viewing rooms for customers to watch adult movies or live dancing, the Adult Super Center has been ordered to close for one year. Attorneys representing the store owners have vowed the store will reopen with no additional restrictions.

Judge John Foradora of the Jefferson County Court of Common Pleas ordered the store to temporarily close via an injunction after an investigation by Brookville police.

All business activity must cease at the store’s address in Jefferson County, while property taxes must continue to be paid.

The secluded rooms in question were 12 booths that were not visible from the rest of the store. The interiors were private, could lock from the inside and all lights shut off in the booth once a customer paid to watch a video or dance.

“The law provides that there has to be clear visibility and the entire interior portions of the booths have to visible from the common areas of the premises,” Jefferson County District Attorney Jeffrey D. Burkett told The Derrick and News-Herald. “There was completely secluded viewing of adult-oriented material which is exactly what is prohibited by the law.”

Bookville police conducted an inspection of the store in March and found two samples of semen by blue light in the booths.

This was the first time the Adult Super Center was found to be in violation of state law. The store’s attorneys said that by removing the doors from the booths, changing the layout and keeping the lights on had rectified the violations. They argued that the store should be allowed to reopen under stricter monitoring. Foradora disagreed, levying the maximum penalty allowable under the law.

“My clients have to decide whether to appeal,” the store’s lead counsel Barry Covert said. “In any event, after the one year, if the appeal is not successful, there will be no conditions on the continued operations on the store. After a year elapses, the whole thing is over with and there are no restrictions on the store.”

Burkett was pleased with the ruling, and also promised that the county would conduct additional inspections when the store reopens next year.

“They agreed they were in violation of the law,” Burkett said. “They did not deny the allegations that we made. For one thing, I have not seen any evidence myself to tell me the store would be in compliance. That doesn't change the violations that occurred.

Outside the Adult Super Center the Brookville Citizens for Community Values erected a 10-by-25 foot sign that partially blocks the view to the store. The sign reads “Pornography Pollutes Body, Soul, Mind.”