Electric Brands Shine at eroFame in Germany

HONG KONG — Electric-related brands stole the show at the eroFame 2012 convention in Germany.

The annual eroFame trade convention brings together the biggest names and brightest companies in the adult product industry to showcase their latest designs and product lines to buyers from around the world. Electric is pleased to announce a stellar response to several of our brands from the international buyers at eroFame!

International distributors were particularly impressed with the new Ann Devine Rhinestone collection. France distributor Marc Dorcel, as well as other international distributors and retailers from Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Poland and more picked up the dazzling collection.

The Ann Devine collection is very simple, sexy and exciting. Initially the collection will have 38 styles, all made of Rhinestones that are high quality stones with brilliant luster. The styles come in beautiful descriptive packaging featuring beautifuly imagery that will be great for retail store displays. All products will nickel free.

eroFame attendees were very excited about the collection due to its uniqueness and because it satisfies a new category that not many other companies are serving.

The ever-popular Blue Line collection of sexy underwear styles for men continued to garner more demand from international distributors and retailers, and several additional international buyers picked up the Blue Line collection while offering extremely positive feedback.

Hollywood Curves also received great responses and received orders from a lot of different countries. Everyone loved Hollywood Curves’ packaging and were impressed with the many different sales channels that it can be marketed to. Distributors from Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria also expressed their interesting in picking up the line.