LELO, BreastCancer.org Partner for Awareness

Ariana Rodriguez

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Swedish designer brand LELO is taking part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month by partnering with expert care resource BreastCancer.org for Rediscovering Intimacy, a month-long initiative that puts the focus on assisting women affected by breast cancer and their partners reconnect romantically.

As standard-bearers of quality, safety and innovation in the intimate lifestyle industry, LELO was seen as an ideal partner for Breastcancer.org, and Rediscovering Intimacy sees them as the first-ever brand in the business to embark on such a significant Breast Cancer Awareness partnership.

In 2009, LELO integrated its own Medical Advisory Board in 2009 to lend credence to the fact that sensual health and wellness is vital to one’s overall health and wellness. According to the company, Board Chairman Dr. Michael Krychman and BreastCancer.org President and founder Dr. Marisa Weiss both advocate the use of sensual massagers to help breast cancer survivors and their partners maintain their sensuality before, during and after treatment to prolong foreplay and assist sexual functions affected by cancer medications and chemotherapy.

About the partnership, LELO Marketing Director Donna Faro said, “Sensual wellbeing is an aspect of a woman’s overall health that is often overlooked, and that’s why we’re glad to be joining Breastcancer.org, whose commitment to women everywhere is an inspiring and incredibly positive one. We hope that our involvement can significantly benefit their mission to raise awareness and gain more support for this most important cause.”

For more information on how to support, visit LELO.com or BreastCancer.org directly.