Rockafellaz Entertainment Announces New Title

ST. LOUIS  Rockafellaz Entertainment adds a second installment to its solo series "New Nuts On The Block" with Volume 2.

The company said that the title will be available on AEBN in the next couple of weeks.

A date has not been set as to when the release will be available on DVD.

"New Nuts On The Block 2" features a variety of new models that has been added to the roster of Rockafellaz models including new exclusive models Marcus Majore and Egyptian King.

Both models were found on X-tube and showed great interest in being part of Rockafellaz Entertainment.

In addition there is a special appearance by adult film model Big Redd who is being featured in his first recorded solo.

“The purpose of our solo series is to first give that one on one fantasy with the viewer and second to give the viewer a chance to get to know the model and what it is they can expect in future titles," CEO Rock Rockafella said. “The important thing to me is to make sure the fans enjoy and can get off to who and what they are watching. Some people aren’t into solo videos, but then there are some that are. But I hope over all they will enjoy this new title.”

AEBN will be the only VOD site where viewers can check out this new release from Rockafellaz Entertainment until it is available in local stores and online. 

For those that are AEBN subscribers, it will also be available in my theatre here.