PussyCash Announces October ImLive Campaign

Bob Johnson

CYPRUS — PussyCash.com announced today its ImLive campaign for October that requires no targets and pays out $150-$250 on web, tablet and mobile joins.

The company said that with October’s new scale system, an affiliate’s first sign-up yields $150 and increases in increments depending on the volume of sign-ups. The more sign-ups, the larger the payouts.

“We pride ourselves in providing our webmasters with consistently high payouts,” PussyCash’s Shay said.

He added, “October’s PussyCash campaign is very special. Besides being able to make huge payouts, this month we’ve replaced the targets with a scale system. That means you automatically start with $150 from your very first sign-up, and go up from there. You control the amount of your payouts. It’s an incredible deal. There’s no end to how much money you can make.”

The new promotion is open to all webmasters and covers sign-ups on all platforms.

Webmasters who have never promoted ImLive or are new to PussyCash can sign up and start earning immediately.

“October can be a highly profitable month for webmasters,” added affiliate director Adam Scheuer. “With October’s scale system, you can earn big bucks and easily dominate your niche. Make sure to upload the latest promo tools on PussyCash to stay ahead of the game.”

For more information on the new campaign visit PussyCash.com.