Adult Industry Lawyer Piccionelli Launches Doomsday Curve

Michael Hayes
LOS ANGELES — Attorney Gregory Piccionelli has a simple goal: Save the world. While he makes his money helping adult webmasters stay clear of government prosecution, his new website,, is a one-two punch to both stop obscenity prosecutions and draw attention to the humanity’s race toward self-destruction.

For Piccionelli, an adult industry attorney who designed the site himself, drawing a clear link between humanity’s fight for survival and the misallocation of government resources that obscenity prosecutions represent is a critical component to his argument.

“The U.S. Supreme Court has said that 100 pages of porn and one line of Sartre does not rise to the level of literary value,” Piccionelli told XBIZ. “I wanted to come up with something that webmasters who have sites with wall-to-wall sex can use to demonstrate that their sites contain something of literary, scientific, artistic or political value.”

The site’s intro page explains that the following graphic, known as the Doomsday Curve, is a good reason why the government should not squander its resources prosecuting obscenity. Through the site, Piccionelli hopes to draw a thematic link between the content of a standard adult site and his political message.

The Doomsday Curve displays a descending line that represents the ever-decreasing percentage of humanity needed to kill all of humanity. The curve begins in the Stone Age and projects out to the year 2025 and demonstrates that the clock is ticking on humanity, Piccionelli said.

“We have bigger fish to fry than prosecuting obscenity,” Piccionelli said. “That’s the message.”

Piccionelli will license the site and its content free of charge to any webmaster who wishes to use it until Presidential inauguration day 2009.

For more information on the site, visit Doomsday Curve.