No On Government Waste Committee, St. Croix Plan Social Media Blitz Tuesday

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Steven St. Croix and the No on Government Waste Committee, a group formed to inform the public about voting "No on Measure B" in the Nov. 6 election, have asked for the industry to join them in a one-hour social media campaign at 9 a.m. this Tuesday.

Measure B would require mandatory condoms in adult films.

St. Croix released the following statement:

"On Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 9 a.m. PST, we are asking all adult video companies, their social media directors, producers, directors, talent, crew, assorted executive and management people and the fans of adult films to tweet, re-tweet, post on their blogs or websites, link to or embed the following two 'No To MeasureB' clips for one hour between 9 and 10 a.m. PST.

"We ask that all normal internet posting and tweets by all be held for one hour with all activity pointing to the two 'No To Measure B' video clips. As we have limited funds for media exposure, we are taking our fight to the internet. We are hoping that a mass social media onslaught of the same message, at the same time, around the country and hopefully the world, will create the breakthrough point we need to get everyone, including the L.A. County voters, to really know what they are being presented with in November."

The statement continued, "We need to get the message out and be heard by the mainstream
press outlets that our freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and our freedom of choice is being attacked and violated. In addition, the voters and taxpayers are being told that their hard earned money is being thrown away on the frivilous personal agenda of a twisted minority.

"This is a moment that doesn't require you to march, starve yourself or set fire to yourself. All you need to do is raise that little index finger and click share, re-tweet, post, like, pin, plus, or whatever and however you share on social media. This has worked for other causes and brought attention to the real issues at hand today. It is our belief that this will not only be a massive show of solidarity in a business that can, at  times, be fractured and non-communicative. We also believe that fans, viewers and all people who enjoy the adult material we provide, can show their power and support for us and the right of free speech for all."

To see St. Croix's PSA's about Measure B, click here.

For more information about the the No on Goverment Waste Committee, visit