Video: Steven St. Croix Creates 'No on Measure B' YouTube Clips

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Adult film star Steven St. Croix has created a pair of video clips for YouTube in which he strongly urges residents of Los Angeles County to vote “No on Measure B” in the Nov. 6 election.

Measure B, or the so-called “Safer Sex” law, would mandate condoms in adult films.

Both videos are less than a minute in length and are shot in the style of public service announcements. In the first video, St. Croix tells viewers he is a 20-year veteran of adult movies who has performed in well over 1400 films and close to 2000 sex scenes with as many partners. He says that during that time he has had to submit “over 300 blood tests for HIV and STDs, according to what’s mandated by the industry as a whole.” And during that time period, he says has only gotten one infection one time.

“There are those that would have you believe that the adult industry doesn’t do enough in policing, protecting and testing their talent, according to established medical protocols,” St. Croix says in the video. “That simply is not true. Get the facts and vote ‘no’ on Measure B.”

In the second video, St. Croix stresses that “Measure B on the November ballot is a terrible waste of Los Angeles taxpayers’ money.”

“Instead of providing important health services like outpatient health clinics for the unemployed, flu shots for children and seniors, this measure would spend your tax money sending public health officials to adult film sets to regulate how it’s made,” he explains. “Well over 10,000 jobs and over a billion dollars in economic activity could leave Los Angeles County. This is bad for public health. It’s bad for workers. It’s bad for Los Angeles. Get the facts. Vote ‘no’ on Measure B.”

St. Croix told XBIZ he made the videos in an effort to provide some clarity.

"I was compelled to do these two videos, as I felt that the issue was suffering from being divided into factitious elements; namely that the industry was against condom use and some even tried to make it an issue of straight versus gay," St. Croix said Monday. "It is simply a matter of freedom of choice. We have a choice to enter into the business as performers. We have a choice of working behind the scenes as crew. We have a choice to wear condoms. We have the choice to leave and move on.

St. Croix continued, "As clearly as First Amendment attorney Allan Gelbard spoke to the City of L.A. 'Working Group' on condoms, 'this ordinance (government acts)...constitutes compelled speech and violates the rights of freedom of expression.' I felt I was in a position to help and to focus attention on this illegal action."

The veteran star also has written three blog entries in recent weeks related to the issue. Click here to see St. Croix's blog posts.