Julie Simone Streets '50 Shades of Red'

Bob Johnson

NEW YORK —  Adding a twist on the “Fifty Shades” frenzy, BDSM star Julie Simone is releasing what she is calling a “true BDSM/fetish DVD version” of the film called “50 Shades of Red.”

The movie stars Simone and Rebecca Reynolds in an intricate plot that has Simone being punished and dominated for hiring Reynolds’ husband as a cameraman.

Scenes include “revenge on Simone’s mouth, tits, ass and pussy in 90 minutes of hair pulling, forced dildo worship, handcuff hogtie, on-screen mouth gagging with mouth stuffing, foot smothering and gagging, wax play, clothes destruction, psychological torment, cigarette predicament, ball gags and spanking and caning."

Simone also penned the script and directed the action.

Unlike previous Simone productions, the film is being distributed through Bon-Vue, a company Simone maintained has an unwavering commitment to distributing real BDSM.

“The thing I respect most about Bon-Vue's business model is their unwavering commitment to distributing real BDSM,” Simone said.“The consumer doesn't want watered down fluff, they want hard and heavy action which I'm happy to deliver; it's what turns me on the most."

Bon-Vue owner George added, "Award-winning director Julie Simone has always been a heavy hitter. Her sub work is always intense and this is one of the most intense videos I've ever seen her do. We're happy to be doing business with her again."

The NSFW trailer for the film can be seen here.

To place an order for the movie, contact George at (800) 827-3787 or jcasas34@aol.com. Orders can also be placed through Julie Simone Productions by emailing bookingjuliesimone@gmail.com.