Adrianna Luna Stars in 'Halfway Home' From Digital Playground

LOS ANGELES — Adrianna Luna stars in "Halfway Home" from Digital Playground.

The movie stars Bibi Jones who, after doing time for a heist gone wrong, is forced to live in a halfway home as part of her rehabilitation. However, she has a difficult time keeping on the straight and narrow path that is expected of her because this particular halfway house is filled with lustful women.

Luna befriends Jones, but makes it her mission to temp her into joining in her naughty ways.

"I loved playing the villain," Luna said. "My character tries to follow the rules but she's just a naughty girl at heart and always turns back into a trouble maker. It's so unlike my personality and it was exciting to play someone I'm not. It was one of the first movies I did with so many scenes and so much dialog. It was an excellent opportunity to get out of my comfort zone while still feeling safe. Digital Playground was such a fantastic company to shoot for and everyone was so supportive, I wasn't afraid to try new things."

 "Halfway Home" is available on DVD.

To watch the trailer of the thrilling new Digital Playground movie, click here.