Feelmore510 Hosts Political Fundraisers

OAKLAND, Calif. — Oakland retailer Feelmore510 is inviting political contenders to participate in its “Porn & Politics” events.

Located across from the former Oakland Campaign Headquarters for President Barack Obama, Feelmore510 is situated near City Hall, and has a mission “to inspire people to lead socially involved and sexually empowering lives.”

The opportunity presented itself when Nenna, owner of Feelmor510, says she asked a few folks in which district they live and they looked puzzled.

“It’s more casual to ask where you live, but the formality of asking in which district they live could cause someone to pause and wonder,” she said, “and, then the obvious opportunity appeared this was an opportunity for Feelmore to do its part to have the community hear from this year’s election participants in a different kind of space. I’m certain the event will be insightful and humorous as well; however, nothing could out-do the White House Secret Service coming to Feelmore510 during the presidential visit to Downtown Oakland.”

According to Nenna, as a minority business owner who is African-American and female, she has had first-hand and second-hand accounts of the political indecisiveness that negatively impacts many communities such as Oakland’s business community.

“Porn & Politics” is an opportunity for Feelmore510 to help encourage a different notion that retail endeavors similar to Feelmore are here to serve not only a mainstream function but participate in mainstream opportunities, the company says.

The first event hosted by Feelmore was a fundraiser during the campaign kick-off for Abel Guillen (CA State Assembly District 18) last month.

For more information, call (510) 891-0199.