Alia Janine Interviewed by AdultFYI

VENICE, Calif. — Alia Janine is interviewed by AdultFYI's Gene Ross this week.

She tells Gene she spent most of her life being a prude of “very high morals and full of all sorts of traditions and stuff.” She talks about beer and baseball, relationships and bratwurst. They also talk about some more serious and pressing things, like Prop B and the syphilis disaster of this summer.

She has a degree in criminal justice, and also realistic about her own career, acknowledging that it can’t go on forever. “There’ll come a time when I won’t be able to do this,” she said. “Then I would go off on my next crazy adventure. I want to be a crazy old lady, riding a motor scooter, smoking cigarettes and yelling at kids.”

Read the complete interview here.