Networking Drives ILS Day 2

Ariana Rodriguez

LAS VEGAS – As heavy thunderstorms pounded Sin City, attendees of the International Lingerie Show scattered throughout the Rio Hotel & Casino to continue talks of business and networking.

Tantus took advantage of face time with clients to collect feedback on the company’s current rebranding efforts and new products.

“2012 was a big year for us but 2013 is going to be even bigger,” Tantus’ Rita Healy said. “Fifty Shades took things to a new level and I think it will continue to bring us success in the long-run.”

Rob Walker, founder and “Head Mutant” of Mutant Capitalist, said ILS has been a great opportunity for his rapidly growing marketing firm.

“The goal in coming here was to meet with key prospects and discuss ways that I can help them tie their business goals and marketing strategies together,” Walker said. “Deals are already in the works and I still have a day left!”

Fun Factory USA’s Fredric Walme said the show’s international aspect presented excellent opportunities for meeting clients face to face.

“As usual, ILS is great to reconnect with existing clients as well as new partners,” Walme said. “The international presence is evident and it’s always a great venue to find new opportunities. We’re looking forward to returning in March to unveil new products.”

Wet occupied a newly designed booth at ILS. Jennifer Martsolf, vice president of marketing at Trigg Laboratories, said that as the brand’s first time on the show floor, they saw a lot of traffic.

“Our new booth exhibits our many display systems and is designed to inspire retailers to be creative with their merchandising,” Martsolf said, “and we’re unveiling Uranus, our new anal lube that will be ready to ship in two weeks.”

Magic Silk and Male Power showcased close to 14 new collections combined to delight of its customers,Magic Silk’s Jeff Baker said.

“Our customers are really receptive to the new releases and we’re very pleased with the turnout,” Baker said.

ILS continues tomorrow for a third and final round of exhibitions and B2B action.