NakedSword Debuts New Feature Series 'Wilde Road'

John Sanford

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals is kicking off a new season of original content by debuting a new feature sex series titled "Wilde Road" starring exclusive model Christian Wilde.

Mr. Pam directed the feature on location in Sonoma County. The first episode is live now on

"I am so proud of this film," Mr. Pam said. "It was one of those magical productions where everything came together flawlessly and every model embraced their character in the movie 100 percent. The acting is exceptional, the Sonoma County setting is stunning and all four sex scenes in the series are truly out of this world!"

She added, "This is a new side of Christian Wilde that audiences haven't seen before. We have all seen Christian the model, Christian the sex performer, now NakedSword introduces, Christian Wilde the actor. Christian was so dedicated to the production which kept the cast and crew inspired the whole time. I was blown away by his acting abilities, both in and out of bed."

In the first episode of "Wilde Road" which is now playing on NakedSword, Wilde begins the sometimes long and Wilde road that is coming to terms with your sexuality. The company said the movie starts out with a bang and not the kind you're used to seeing in adult films. After a rude interruption (while he's in bed with his girlfriend), and an uncomfortable forward pass from best friend Dylan Roberts, Wilde takes off for the open road. He soon finds out that running away from your sexuality is easier said than done and when a country trucker, Phillip Aubrey stops to pick him up, Christian has to negotiate with himself... He may have a girlfriend but he's also in the mood and there's a soft mouth and a tight ass in the driver's seat. How far is he willing to go? In Episode One audiences find out the answer.

Wilde said he's excited for his fans to see a new side of him.

"I've truly not had so much fun during a production ever, working with Mr. Pam was a blast!" Wilde said. "Her creativity, positive energy and talent really helped keep everyone committed to the project and in character. For the first time in a long time I feel personally invested in the project's success and I am confident it's going to be a big hit! People are going to go Wilde over this series and I couldn't be more proud of it."

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