Fall Edition ILS Kicks Off

Ariana Rodriguez

LAS VEGAS – The International Lingerie Show is officially underway with exhibitors and buyers bustling over the sexiest, latest and greatest releases in the world of lingerie and pleasure products.

The Hustler Lingerie booth buzzed with excitement over the company’s latest acquisition of Hustler Toys. Hustler Lingerie President Elan Rofe said the company is going full steam ahead with new packaging and designs.

“We’re meeting with LFP next week to discuss future plans and get new designs approved,” Rofe said. “It’s a very extensive license that covers all the categories from lubes and pills to toys and masturbators, however we’re going to roll out new products very strategically.”

With the five-year deal with LFP, the revamped Hustler Toys range also will be inclusive of established bestsellers from the original collection, Rofe said. Among the proposed new releases will be masturbators donning a familiar look.

“The masturbators are DVD-based and soon people will refer to them as ‘titles,’” said Rofe of the line, which features packaging that closely resembles a Hustler DVD box cover or magazine.

The Eldorado booth boasted a wide assortment of brands with several vendors on hand to conduct product demos. Among them was the Pipedream team, which included Steve Sav, Briana Honz, Liz P., Liz J., Cheryl Flangel and Rob Phaneuf.

“It’s an intimate environment to connect one-on-one with our customers and support our distributors,” Honz said.

Also in the Eldorado booth was Kheper Games’ Roxana Forenza, who said she was grateful to see that Eldorado is broadening its service to customers with a new Spanish-speaking rep. “This is a great opportunity to partner with Eldorado and focus on the multilingual market,” Forenza said. “Kheper’s full line is multilingual and now we’re teaming up with Steve, Eldorado’s Spanish-speaking rep. Today I did a product demo completely in Spanish for buyers.”

California Fantasies President Carmen Mortazavi also attended the show to support distributors after weeks of traveling around the country to meet with additional clientele.

“Most manufacturers should come to ILS only to support their distributors,” Mortazavi said. “They are the most important.”

Sexy Living, distributors of the Magic Banana, exhibited at ILS for a second time since launching earlier this year. The Magic Banana is a reinvention of traditional kegel exercisers.

“We’re getting a really positive response because our product is so unique and it offers pleasure benefits as well as health benefits,” Sexy Living Executive Sales Manager Anne Moxon said. “Its distinct shape makes it perfect for selling in brick and mortar retail stores and online.”

The Screaming O manned its distinctly stylish booth showcasing new merchandising tools and product displays, as well new box sets of the full Studio Collection line.“We’re focused on adding enhancing the consumer experience with new products and merchandising methods,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. “All of our products are fun and lively products with matching marketing tools that our fans and supporters have come to expect from us. We’re exciting to showcase them to ILS attendees.”

Tamara Bell, president of the Home Pleasure Party Plan Association, said she is noticing improved quality in products presented at ILS.

“The show is going great so far,” Bell said. “On the ILS side I see a lot of better quality products coming out. I’m really glad manufacturers are listening to consumers!”