Jet Set Men Sign Kris Jamieson to Exclusive Contract

Nelson Ayala

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Jet Set Men announced today the signing of 20-year-old newcomer Kris Jamieson to an exclusive performing contract. 

Jamieson caught the studio's eye after turning in exceptional performances for director Chris Steele in the Jet Set Men parodies "21 Hump Street" and the soon-to-released "The Ultimate Top," a spoof of the FX Network's mixed martial arts competition program "Ultimate Fighter Live."

"Jamieson’s provocative nature is the way he was made, and it’s only Jet Set Men that could tap into that nature and create the next big star with the direction of Chris Steele,” said Rob Romoni, director of casting for Jet Set Men.

Jamieson, who had only performed in two titles prior to working with Jet Set Men, said he was thrilled to join a studio that cared about its hires.

"I searched for a studio that valued its talent as much as their projects and it was only Jet Set Men that had that perfect combination," Jamieson said. "That’s why I decided to sign my first and only exclusive contract with them."