Say It With A Condom Launches Obama And Romney Condoms

NEW YORK — Say It With A Condom launches its new line of politically provocative condoms: The 2012 Election Erection Collection, featuring Special Edition Obama and Romney Condoms.

The new Obama Condoms feature the tagline "Won't Break As Easily As His Promises," while the Romney Condoms declare they are "Great For Any Position!"

“As the summer winds down, the political campaigns are heating up, and if there is one thing most people will agree on this year, it’s that Either Way We’re Screwed! We just want you to enjoy it safely while it’s happening,” says Benjamin Sherman, CEO and founder. “We encourage people to think critically about their candidates, presidential and otherwise, and remind them it’s important to Practice Safe Policy in and out of the bedroom.”

For those who prefer a non-political approach to safety, Say It With A Condom also creates a wide range of condoms with funny slogan featuring themes that range from Stoner and Gay Pride to Bachelorette and Birthday. Customers also can create their own customized condoms, in the form of condom matchbooks, wrappers, foil condoms and condom labels.

Personalized condoms make the perfect gift and are great for promotional giveaways and other marketing opportunities, the company says. Say It With A Condom's full line of condoms and sample custom condoms can be seen on the company's website — Obama and Romney Condoms are available for a limited time online and in retail locations for $3.95/pc.

They are carried by Paradise Marketing and at Spencer Gifts stores nationwide. Obama and Romney Condoms are sold in a full color display that is designed to maximize profit at the retail store countertop.

Wholesalers and distributors can call (866) 997-6542 or visit for more info. is offering a buy two condoms, get one free promo by entering the "XBIZELECTION2012" code.