Luminous Love Toys Kicks Off Indiegogo Campaign

NEW YORK  Luminous Love Toys is kicking off an Indiegogo campaign to fund its new crystal wand sex toy.

The company said the wand was created to enhance pleasure through the healing qualities of the rose quartz stone. 

The blush-colored Luminous Love Wand, made from 100 percent real rose quartz, is six and a half inches long and an inch in diameter with a knob specifically crafted for the G-spot.

Each smooth wand is handmade, has been ergonomically tested to roll with body curves, and is as unique as the all-natural crystal itself.

“Rose quartz, which is known as the love stone, can help you connect to your heart more,” said Valerie Reiss, co-founder of Luminous Love Toys. “Crystal can give you a connection to the emotional, spiritual side of sexuality.”

Reiss and her husband, Brad Carmody, have co-created the Luminous Love Wand with the belief that our personal bliss has a healing effect on the world. They also believe that when people approach sex with awareness and presence, they can transform their lives well beyond the bedroom and that all-natural rose quartz crystal can help with that.

“Crystals hold energy,” Carmody said. “Many believe you can energetically charge them with an intention or emotion, like love. It adds a spiritual dimension and a beautiful, delicious feeling.”

Reiss and Carmody designed the Luminous Love Wand to offer a clean, healthy alternative.

They have chosen a manufacturer and are kicking off their 45-day Indiegogo campaign on Sept. 7 with a goal of $15,000 to fund their first round of production.

The Luminous Love Wand is available for pre-order at a discounted price as part of the campaign.