Pjur Superhero Commercial Playing in Hong Kong Cinemas

Ariana Rodriguez

WASSERBILLIG, Luxemburg — Commercials promoting pjur’s Superhero delay spray are being shown in Hong Kong cinemas before primetime screenings.

The movie trailer is the latest marketing strategy from pjur. First, there was a campaign with ads on 50 city busses in Hong Kong when the product was launched in early 2011, which happened to coincide with Chinese New Year. Later, pjur used screens in the back of taxis and in metro stations as an advertising platform. And then, an ad trailer made in Hong Kong that also included a user testimonial generated great interest with a TV campaign.  

To view the pjur Superhero trailer, click here.

“This is one of the best opportunities to reach the target audience, a clientele that is extremely brand conscious and keen to consume,” the company said. “The pjur trailer manages to create an emotional response because it is centered on a fun story taken from everyday life. Also, the statements of the testimonials convey the qualities of the product in an honest and convincing fashion.”

For more information about pjur Superhero, click here.