Adultmoda Launches Mobile Video Post-roll Ads

Bob Johnson

LONDON — Adultmoda announced today the launch of mobile video post-roll ads for smartphones and tablets.

The developers explained that after a user watches a video clip to the end, a post-roll banner ad and text ad are displayed. This method is common practice on video and tube sites as a way of monetizing desktop web browser traffic. Now, Adultmoda said, its patent pending technology allows webmasters to monetize their mobile traffic in the same way.

In addition to iPad compatibility, where flash video players are not an option, this method is also effective for iPhones, Android devices and other smartphones. The company said there is no impact on site performance or page load times.

Another key benefit is the ability to generate more revenue from site traffic without having to remove any existing ads that may already be in place.

Additionally, the solution has Adultmoda's contextual keyword targeting built in where category tags associated with the video clip being viewed can be used to ensure that the most relevant ad available is shown when the clip has ended.

Adultmoda said it is already in talks with a number of major tube sites on board to run the new ad units.

"Our post-roll ads are just one of a number of really exciting new launches this year. Whilst everyone else in the adult mobile traffic space is shrugging their shoulders about what comes next, we are innovating and coming up with new ways for our publishers to make even more money," CEO Terry Jackson said.

The company noted that in its initial tests, 45 percent of iPad users who viewed a two-minute video allowed the clip to run to the end, resulting in an ad impression. For smartphone users, the figure was 27 percent.

Banner ads delivered in this way also had an extremely high CTR of about 10 percent, that Adultmoda said is many times the average CTR of a mobile banner ad.

For more information on the product contact or meet them at XBIZ EU in London, Webmaster Access in Amsterdam and the European Summit in Prague.