Liberator Featured on TLC’s ‘Strange Sex’

Ariana Rodriguez

ATLANTA — Liberator appeared on last night’s episode of “Strange Sex” on TLC, in an episode titled “Sex Furniture & Erection Correction.”

The “Sex Furniture” segment followed Josh and Jasmine, a “normal” couple in southern California planning to stage their home to sell. The couple’s home has Liberator sex furniture incorporated into almost every room.

“If you want to leave [sex] in the bedroom, great,” Josh says. “Me, I like having that fun vibe in the house, especially since [the furniture] blends in. It’s made great sex even better. You get a few more screams than you would otherwise.”

In the episode, potential buyers visited the home and didn’t seem to notice anything odd about the Liberator furniture at first glance, only commenting on the unique styling and comfort of many of the products. After being informed of the functionality of each piece, most guests reacted with stunned curiosity.

Jasmine sees no reason as to why people should feel uncomfortable, she said.

“I think Josh and I are a really normal couple, maybe a little bit more open about our sex life but I think that’s a really good thing and I think more people should be open about their sex life,” Jasmine said. “The furniture definitely enhances orgasms because you can get the right angles that really hit the right spots.”

Josh adds, “One thing sex furniture has done for us that was an unexpected bonus was it is something we experienced together. We had never used it with anyone else and Jasmine and I are the only ones who have experienced that together.”

Liberator Executive Vice President Michael Kane made a cameo when helping the couple pick out new additions to their home at a Touch of Romance retail location. Kane also has appeared on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and regularly hosts the Toy Time series on