XO Ball & Expo Announces Seminar Schedule

SAN FRANCISCO — The seminar schedule for the XO Ball & Expo is now available.

The expo is a lifestyle event that targets all sexually curious adults.

The XO seminar series is sponsored by Wicked Pictures and includes a variety of sex education workshops and how-to sessions.

Sexual wellness authorities include Sabrina Morgan, Charlie Glickman, Tracy Bartlett, and Wicked Pictures’ own jessica drake.

For more information about the XO seminar schedule and speakers, click here.

Each seminar is free to attend with paid admission to the expo. Leading a seminar titled, “Modern Sex Education: Beyond the Birds and Bees,” is jessica drake, the creator of the Wicked Pictures produced educational DVD series “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex.

In the series, jessica drake addresses different aspects of human sexuality, as she touches on topics ranging from fellatio and anal to basic positions and female masturbation.

"As society is becoming more open to discussions on sex and sexuality, it is imperative sex education evolves as well," she said. "Though once clinical, sex education should now address the concerns and questions people have, from initiating a threesome to anal sex. XO’s seminars are all geared towards a modern audience of curious adults who realize knowledge fuels better sex.”

Seminars at XO include “Hand Jobs on Men” and “Anal Play” by Tracy Bartlett, “S&M Lite for Lovers” and “Tongue-Tied: Knowing How to Ask for It” by Sabrina Morgan, and “Give It to Him: Prostate Play for Men and Their Partners” by Charlie Glickman.

Expo entertainment director Cindy Cheer said, “The XO seminar series features some of the most popular and engaging experts on sex education in the world. Each presenter brings a unique approach to teaching, which leads to healthier sex lives and better human connection for all who have the opportunity to listen and absorb.”

XO Ball & Expo welcomes adults over the age of 18 who are straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender.

The festivities will include musical acts, drag shows, stage shows, seminars, contests, burlesque, girl / girl wrestling, adult celebrities, S&M performances, and more. To stay up to date with the evolving entertainment schedule, click here.