Intimo Sex Toys Opens Online Store

MIAMI BEACH Intimo Sex Toys has opened a new online store where consumers can buy exclusive toys and product.

The company has created a Make an Offer tool, which allows customers to name the price they wish to pay for certain products.

Marketing director Patty Smith said, "Our experience in the industry allowed us to build a store thinking only in what really works for our clients, we know what they want and what really delivers that special sensation and sexual satisfaction we all look for when trying a new sex toy. We are bringing to our customers something different, from an innovative price structure to a real selection of sexual pleasure. We focus to provide exciting sensations and experiences to all our loyal customer who share their most intimate secrets and desires with us. It has been an exciting first half of the year and it is giving us already the best relations and experiences with all of them."

Smith also thanked the support received from companies like El Dorado, Muffs and Cuffs, AWD, XBIZ, among others during this starting time.

"Their amazing support has really helped us make it this fast," she said.

"You can really count on an expert team that will work to make your shopping experiences a real satisfaction. We want all of our clients to be assure that we deliver pleasure and we mean it."

Intimo Sex Toys offers a variety of products to enhance and improve the masturbation experience.

There are specifics themes around the site that covers everything, from women masturbation and male orgasm, stripper poles and sex furniture.

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