Evil Angel Sends Letter to Directors, Temporarily Stops Production

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — On the heels of what may be multiple adult performers contracting syphilis in recent weeks, Evil Angel Productions late Friday sent a letter to its directors asking them to each refrain from shooting anything new until "we can rest assured that it is safe to resume."

General manager Christian Mann's letter follows:

Attention all Evil Angel directors and production personnel:

I'm sure you've heard over the last few days about the unfortunate incidents of performers contracting syphilis in Europe and now in Los Angeles. Fortunately, this is very treatable with no lasting impact as long as there is early detection and treatment.

Common sense and concern for the welfare of all performers mandates that we adhere to an immediate halt of all production until we can rest assured that it is safe to resume.

As soon as we learn over the next several days what are the next appropriate steps, we will let you know. Pending that, please consider this an inviolable instruction.

If you are sexually active within the production community, you are urged to refrain until you are tested and follow prudent medical advice. If you, or any performers who have worked for you, test positive for any STI, you should notify the medical staff of the testing facility or the Free Speech Coalition-suggested doctors in order to assist in creating a genealogy and properly notify anyone who has been in contact.

My knowledge is limited and is not a substitute for sound advice from medical professionals familiar with industry protocols. As a spokesman for our company, my ambition is to advocate for responsible, honest, ethical behavior among all people affiliated with Evil Angel and the
industry at large.

Thank you.

Christian S. Mann
General Manager