Shane's World Toys Featured in Web Series

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Shane's World Toys will be featured in the web series “A Day in the Life of a Sexologist.”

The documentary-style reality series follows the life of sexologist, feminist speaker, and sexual rights advocate Jill McDevitt. It documents her work schedule and chronicles the daily happenings unique to her profession.

During the episode airing on August 15, one of Shane's World Toys, the “His Stimulator,” will be featured.

“The 'His Stimulator' is the number-one selling sex toy at my store," McDevitt said. "Of the hundreds of vibrating cock rings I have seen, none is better.

“It may be called His Stimulator but in reality it is very much a Her Stimulator because it is perfectly designed for ergonomic clitoral stimulation during vaginal sex with a male partner. Some toys have a horizontal stimulator, which never made sense to me because the clitoris is vertical.”

She goes on to talk about how the sturdy design makes the His Stimulator perfect for couples-play. While other vibrating devices come with a small novelty vibe attached to the cock ring that does little for the woman, the Shane's World product is more powerful, she said.

“It is a perfect design,” she said. “And it is beloved by the women and college students who I teach.”

On the market for six years, Shane's World Toys has worked with distributor Cal Exotics to create products that are unique and remain focused on the target demographic.

“Shane's World toys were created for college students and beginners,” said Brian Grant, co-owner of Shane's World. “We are excited to see that our toys are reaching that audience.”

The complete episode is set to premiere August 15 on the FeminineBoutique YouTube Channel here.