FreeOnes Offers Fans Chance to Win BJ From Sabrina Deep

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — members that enter the 7 Million Posts Guessing Game, starting Aug. 24 can try to win a private blowjob from Sabrina Deep during her 2012 World Bukkake Tour.

The guessing game, which has become a FreeOnes tradition at each million post mark, allows members to try to guess the exact time and date that the 7-millionth post will be made. Both the member that guesses closest to the actual time the 7-millionth post is made, as well as the person that actually made the post, will receive a huge prize package, announced.

Additionally, there will be several drawings that everyone who participated in the guessing game can take part in.

“I would really like to thank everyone in the adult community who has stepped up to contribute to the prize list for this contest,” said Petra, contest organizer. “In the past we had a handful of one-year passes and loads of month passes to give away. However, we’re seeing some pretty awesome prizes coming through which is going to make this giveaway one of the biggest that we’ve pulled off to date.”

Petra added, “Probably the most extreme prize that we’ve received for this contest is the blowjob from Sabrina Deep. The lucky FreeOnes member that wins the blowjob will be able to meet up with Sabrina during her 2012 World Bukkake Tour, which kicks off on September 1st. The best part of this prize is the winner gets to be alone with Sabrina without having to worry about other people around or a camera!

“Some of the other big prizes that we’ll be giving away are a RealTouch, $250 cash from the CherryPimp crew, $150 in credits from Streamate, as well as one-year passes from sites such as Brazzers, Naughty America and JulesJordan.”

Email for more information about the contest.