Calston, Papaya Toys Ink Exclusive Distribution Deal

WILMINGTON, Del. Calston Enterprises has acquired exclusive distribution rights to Papaya Toys in the Americas.

Calston announced that coverage will include all of South and Central America, as well as the U.S. and Canada.

Lady Calston has been an established industry brand, which recently changed its moniker to Calston Enterprises.

David Williams, vice president of sales for Calston Enterprises also welcomes Papaya Toys’ Pamela McKee to the Calston team, who joins Calston as director of sales.

“Today’s consumers demand the best and I am happy to join a company whose focus is delivering premium, safe and quality products,” said McKee, known to friends and associates as Papaya Pam.

“It was only natural for Calston to become a distributor of Papaya Toys because it is a high-quality brand that consumers absolutely love,” she said.

Calston’s marketing expertise will go a long way in reaching the fast-growing market that is the Americas, McKee added.

Williams believes that the industry will see continued double-digit growth for many more years.

“There will always be a strong demand for top-of-the-line products that meet consumers’ needs, whether you’re selling cars, watches, shoes, bags or adult toys,” he said.

"By adding the Papaya Toys line of products, our customers will have a wider choice of premium products with which to pamper themselves."

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